Utility Advanced Solutions Business Development Director – Schneider Electric

Regis Vautrin oversees the World Wide Business Development of Smart Grid Solutions within Schneider Electric. It includes projects and services in Substation Automation, Feeder Automation, Operation Systems (SCADA, DMS, OMS), Asset Management, Demand Response, Renewable Generation and MicroGrids.

For the past 16 years, Regis’ work experience has been focused on the development and implementation of Smart Grid projects in Middle East, Asia and Europe. As a Project Director, he led several DMS projects including the implementation of the DMS in Bangkok; financed by ADB. As Smart Grid head in the Strategic department of Schneider Electric, he strongly contributed to the acquisition of Telvent Inc by Schneider Electric in 2011. Since 2012, Regis has been leading the World Wide Business Development of Smart Grid Devices and then Advanced Solutions with a focus on the Utilities.

Most recently Regis has been strongly involved in DMS and Asset Management offer evolutions.